RealJobs: Will Nunziata

Woke up and had a very relaxing morning by the pool and ate some brunch.  Afterward, I went into the performance space (The Royal Room) and fine tuned some of the staging with Anthony, then went over some harmonies for some of the songs with our musical director, Tedd.  After that, the three of us were driven to a nearby home to do a private event.  Rewind to a few days earlier where our booking agent in NYC was contacted by a private party company who wanted Anthony & me to sing for this woman’s 50th birthday party (the SAME private party company that set up the Chinese/American State Dinner at the White House a few weeks ago AND the same company that set up Chelsea Clinton’s wedding).  The private party company found out about us through our website, knowing that we were down the block at The Colony performing that week.  The birthday party took places in the birthday girls’ in-law’s home.  This home was from another planet.  It was the largest, most glamorous house I have ever seen, let alone ever been in.  My brother & I were the “surprise guests” of the celebration.  In the room where we sang were 60 of the most influential women in Palm Beach.  I joked and said I had heard of Bravo doing the Real Housewives of Miami, but they should for sure do a Real Housewives of Palm Beach!  They got a kick out of it, and I was glad, because I wasn’t sure, at first, how it would come off!  We had a blast, and after a few songs, were taken back to The Colony to get ready for show #3.  Before the show, I took a brief stroll down Worth Avenue, and realized that I could not afford anything.  However, I took a snapshot of the sign of Giorgio Armani. One day I’ll come back and go into the store and buy something, but for now, its all looking and no touching!  Was a fun day for sure, and show #3 went great!


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