RealJobs: Saya April Hillman

Thank you Abe Lincoln for being born.  No school today!

I had hoped to make it to 9:30AM yoga.  Too caught up in getting our Kickstarter project off the ground.  27 days to raise $4000!  We raise all of it, we get all of it; we raise $3999 or below, we get nothing.  Love that pledges can be as little as $1, and am really stoked about the rewards we offer pledgers – private airplane ride, private Indian cooking class, custom-made notecards, sleep consultation, travel consultation!  Wide variety and all offered by Fear Experiment participants themselves.

I had hoped to make it to 10:30AM yoga.  Too caught up in editing a video for a big fundraising gala at the South Shore Culture Center next week; one of my school’s is in dire need of financial assistance and is hoping this event will help.  My video is showcasing the arts integration focus of the school.  It’s an alternative high school for kids who’ve dropped out of traditional schools due to things such as pregnancy, homelessness, low academic skills, and violence.

A video I made about the school last year –

Call to make reservation for nineteen at Stanley’s for Saturday, when a bunch of Fear Experiment participants will head out for dinner and then to a show that our choreographer is in.  Yea supporting one another!  Still amazes me that these were all strangers just a couple of months ago.

Answer a gazillion emails.  At least there are a few fun ones.  I’m asked to be a part of leading a women entrepreneur workshop at a huge conference this summer; new connections with successful people, I’m in!  A woman who came to one of my Coffees took the plunge, quit her job to start her own business, and got her first client via my e-newsletter!  Lots of “someone just bought a Fear Experiment ticket” emails; sales are going great.  Nervous.  April 9th is not far off and I’m really scared to get up on stage in front of 700, especially at such a prestigious venue like the Park West.  Send a few invoices.

Finally make it to the gym.  No yoga, and I could really use some, but any type of movement feels really good after sitting for so long.

Back to editing.  Back to Kickstarter.  Editing.  Kickstarter. Emails.  Editing.

I do what I hate when others do to me.  I un-RSVP yes for a party tonight.  Too much work, a Friday night in for me.  Sorry party-hostess!!  I’m the worst.

I work till about 11:30PM.  I reward myself for working so hard with an episode of the Daily Show as I fold laundry; oh the wild lifestyle I lead.I crawl into bed and congratulate myself on sticking to my healthy diet this week.  Yea weekend.


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