RealJobs: Saya April Hillman

7:25AM – leave for School #1 of the day, a high school on the West Side

8:05AM – arrive at school and set up projector/laptop/computer lab, since I’ll only have 45 minutes with the students, as I have to jet to School #2

8:30AM – building upon Photography 101 workshop I led a few weeks ago,  I teach them how to sign up for and post to our blog

9:25AM – oy, late!  I meant to leave at 9:15 but the kids and teacher have so many questions and are so enthusiastic about the project, I find myself staying late.  Such a nice change from teaching yesterday!  What a difference working computers make.

9:49AM – arrive at School #2 of the day, my alternative high school on the South Side, just before the bell

9:55AM – have one student doing Final Cut Pro video editing, and the rest I teach Live Type, software to create animated text; always a constant struggle to teach effectively with ten students and two computers

11:25AM – on the highway, homeward bound

Noon – fast lunch; recharge flip-cams for this afternoon; answer emails; learn fun news, I’m profiled on one of my favorite “leave behind the 9 to 5 world!” websites, Escape the City

1:10PM – off to School #3 on the West Side, where I’m making a video on Australia with second graders, and a video on the school with middle-schoolers; déjà-vu as I take the same route I traveled at 7:25 this morning

4:05PM – take a call on the drive home with potentially horrible news regarding one of my projects, but decide to not freak out yet, as there’s a chance it’ll work out; why dwell in “what if?”;  gets you nowhere but insanity.

4:40PM – answer emails; work on Fear Experiment

5:05PM – make myself go to the gym, though I’d much rather take a nap

6:10PM – shower, get place ready for improv rehearsal

6:30PM – eat dinner standing at my kitchen island, which is how it seems I eat every meal these days

6:40 – improvisers start to arrive; they all stand around my island and watch me eat

7PM – rehearsal

10PM – rehearsal ends; back to work

11:46PM – finishing penning my blog post, would like to write “midnight – in bed” but I don’t want to lie and I think that’d be a lie


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