RealJobs: Mike Del Ponte

Wednesday and Thursday have been very startup-y, meaning that I did a little bit of everything – from booking speaking engagements and interviews for my CEO to strategizing to make our app more viral to having calls with corporate clients. I’m still doing some work for Sparkseed, the nonprofit I started, so yesterday I gave a talk at Santa Clara University, so I rushed out of the office earlier than usual. I’ll talk about a few of the bigger projects I did.

The Ultimate Internship Contest

The coolest project I’ve worked on at BranchOut is the Ultimate Internship Contest. We’ve lined up internships at Google, Facebook, Nike, Levi’s and other awesome companies (you can apply for them by clicking the link). So I’ve been doing more work to promote it – through negotiating partnerships, having a colleague design and buy ads, and managing campus ambassadors. It’s a new campaign, so we’re constantly tweeking it to make sure more people know about it.

Email marketing

Most people don’t think about the words they read in corporate emails, web sites, and ads. If the company is smart, they have someone who is an expert in copy writing meticulously craft each phrase. I’ve been studying copy writing. On Weds I sat outside in the sun and wrote copy for 8 new emails. Making sure the subject line, headline, and main text are perfect takes longer than you’d think. Luckily it was a beautiful day.

Product design

When we are online we don’t think about “products” very often. For example, what products would you buy from Google or Facebook? (answer: ads). Well, all companies have products and/or services. At BranchOut we’re constantly thinking about how to make ours better. Today we have a product meeting where we went over our metrics and thought about how we can get better results – from building new features, to revamping current features, to building our an infrastructure to make sure our site can scale. I checked in and out of the meeting to make sure I was taking care of my other responsibilities.

If you want to learn more about BranchOut, install the app by going to


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