RealJobs: J.R. Clark

Today called for a fair amount of administrative work.  I prepared and sent out some bills to clients and reviewed time spent of some projects.  One of  my biggest concerns is making sure the bills are accurate and clear.  I also spent some time preparing and revising a draft of a proposal for a project that I think will help my firm gain a foothold in another market.  After a morning of focusing on the administrative matters I had lunch with a good friend who is well connected in the District.  Maintaining relationships with friends and especially friends who may be able to create business opportunities is very important.  Today’s lunch was very much a business development meeting.  Throughout lunch we exchanged information on some projects that might be coming forward later this year and discussed the types of services – legal or otherwise – that may be required.  I find that it is important to know all that is needed for a project – not just the legal needs.  Being able to provide a lead on a business opportunity for a friend or client creates the good will needed to create a strong business development network.  After a wonderful lunch I committed my afternoon to drafting a strategic legislative plan for one client, reviewed a set of proposed regulations for another client and made changes to a Loan Agreement for a third client.  My secretary and I have a billing issue we need to address before the end of the day, so I will turn to that next.  This evening I will having dinner with a friend who will be working with me on a project that hopefully is assigned to my firm.  Part of developing a good business development network includes having a diverse group of subject matter experts in a number of different fields that can be called upon for new engagements.  With all the food I am putting away today it is imperative that I find my way to the gym tomorrow morning before coming into the office.


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