RealJobs: Brian Zager

Thursdays, like Tuesdays, I usually spend time at home doing work and other administrative stuff. Today a group of students from the department were running a bake sale for Valentine’s Day/the Women’s Center here at SIU. I helped by going in early to set up and sit for a few hours with people at the baked goods table. I was very tempted by all the treats, but only indulged a little bit. I also was able to catch up with other folks who are around the office on the days that I work from home.

After doing laundry—the worst activity ever—I made a seven layer dip in anticipation of this weekend (I’m having some people over to hang out). The rest of the night will probably consist of more reading. Tomorrow is Friday, the best day of the week. I’m planning on having my two classes from 11-1pm and then getting some exercise in before the graduate student happy hour at 4:30. This happens weekly at a different location in the downtown area and is a great time to chill out with people from the department and unwind from the week.

All in all, things are tough; but they certainly aren’t bad.


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