RealJobs: Saya April Hillman

Doesn’t happen often, but I cried today.  While on the Dan Ryan driving home from teaching at School #1.

My high-school digital media class is a difficult one.  What’s frustrating though is not the content, and I partly don’t blame the students for their disruptive and disrespectful actions, as the root of the malcontent has been not enough working computers for everyone, missing mice, missing keyboards – anything that isn’t nailed down, check that, even things that are nailed down, get stolen; someone just broke into the school and stole two iMACs and a flat screen TV – down internet, Google blocking us from signing up for gmail accounts because so many tried to sign up they thought we were spammers.  So then students get frustrated, students have nothing to do, students start acting up.  The room is boiling.  It’s the beginning of the quarter so relationships have not yet been formed between teachers and students.  We’re doing the not so fun stuff of setting up emails, creating usernames and paswords, activating blogs.  If we can just get through these steps, I promise, it’ll get fun!!  Hard for the students to see that though.

Becoming hard for me to see that as well.

When I got home though, some goodness.  First, an NPR reporter who covered Dance Experiment last year said she’d love to cover Fear Experiment this year.  Add her to the list of press that’s interested – Time Out, ABC-TV, the Tribune, WGN-radio – pretty exciting!  Second, the Fear Experiment photographer, who is donating all of his time, coming to both dance and improv rehearsals every week for three months, sent the first batch of improv shots.  Too funny!!

And then I got to go to School #2, my favorite school, my favorite kids, my favorite curriculum.  These are the 4th to 6th graders involved in Fear Experiment, and one of the components is having them use their newly-acquired blogging and email skills to interact with some of the adult participants.  They got so excited when some of them received photos of themselves with the adults, from Monday, when the adults came to teach dance.  Lifts the heart to see such simple things as photos, mini-Twix bars, and a burned CD of the song so that they can practice at home give so much joy.  If only it was always that easy.

Three hour professional development session from 4-7PM cancelled – yea!  I enjoy them, I get paid for them, I get free food at them.  But I need more Saya time.  Home for the rest of the evening, work work working.


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