RealJobs: Saya April Hillman

I went to bed at 1AMish, as I worked on an application for Kickstarter, which is a cool website where people can get creative projects funded.  Fear Experiment [FE] is desperate for a printer to donate the printing of its playbill, and we’re not having any luck, so I thought I’d try to get the funds via Kickstarter.   You post a project, a dollar amount you want to fundraise, and sit back and see if anyone finds your project worth a donation.  I’ve never experienced the “going viral” thing, what a rush that must be to have an idea and hours later, have cheerleaders and financial backers from across the world believing in your vision!  The photographer, who’s donating all his services to FE, just sent a new batch of photos from the dance component of FE; such spirit, drive, and support!

John, Sara, and Danielle are all BC alum!

So anyway, bed at 1AMish.  Which is why I was appalled when I woke up at 6AM and started doing work at 6:30.  One of the things its suggested you do on Kickstarter is to offer rewards at various pledge levels, so that’s what I spent my early morning on, soliciting and tracking rewards from FE participants.  I had to pull myself away from the computer at 9:05, to get to my school in time for the 9:50 bell.  Of course, a construction truck had decided to block my car for fifteen minutes, so I had a stressful, oh my god, I’m gonna be late! drive.

Today’s class with my alternative high school students was spent teaching Final Cut Pro, video editing software.  I love teaching it but when you have two computers and nine students, it’s a real challenge to keep everyone interested and engaged.  But there’s also nothing like a student teaching another student something they just learned, especially in something as advanced as Final Cut Pro.

I love Tuesdays.  Tuesdays I only have one school, so after I’m done at 11:30, I can go home and relaxedly eat lunch, work out, catch up on life.  Had a very productive day at home doing just that.  Unfortunately, I was so tired that I decided not to go an event I had bought a ticket for long ago and was really looking forward to attending, Entrepreneurs Unplugged.  Actually, one of the speakers was a BC alum, the founder of Sittercity.  But I couldn’t gather the energy to hop on the train, brave the cold, and make my way to the Greenhouse Theater.  Especially in this scenario, networking and hobknobbing, where you have to be “on,” I was just too tired.  So I stayed home and worked.


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