RealJobs: Santiago Bunce

Everything you have probably ever heard about grad school is true. Wednesday was another whirlwind. I keep thinking, this blogging couldn’t have come at a worse time haha. Really, it’s just papers and labs and midterms this week and it may sound extremely overwhelming and unglamorous, but it’s what I signed up for, and I’m glad.

Today, was another day where something I learned in class related exactly to what I want to do. Without going into too much detail, I want to work in infrastructure development in Latin America that is developed by local communities. Today, I found out one of the terms to define all of that. Neopopulist approaches to poverty reduction. Sure there are pros and cons to it all, but the fact that I’m learning what it is I actually want to do is incredibly exciting and affirming. So I am quite grateful.

Today too, was a day of love, emotion, memory and care. You see, it was a day to commemorate the memory of my father, while at the same time celebrate the birth of my girlfriend. Talk about the circle of life. Somewhere between the hustle and bustle of school, I still find time to connect with the life God has placed around me. Prayers for my father and gifts for my girlfriend, offered me a peace and joy today that is not often experienced, and for that I am truly humbled and go to sleep happy.


One response to “RealJobs: Santiago Bunce

  1. Hey santi,
    Nice work. You are still an inspiration,

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