RealJobs: Brian Zager

The last time I was home, over winter break, the northeast saw two pretty sizeable snowstorms blow through. Ever since my return here (Southern Illinois), conversations with my parents continually remind me of how radical the winters can be in that region. Out here snow comes and goes rather quickly. A few inches might drop during the week only to be melted away by the weekend. Today was one of those days; messy, inconvenient, and bone-chillingly cold. This made mobility difficult for everyone around campus as the plowing and shoveling crews seemed to leave behind quite a bit of snow on the walkways and around campus. But, I keep telling myself, it’s not as bad as back east.

I started my day with a delicious breakfast burrito made by yours truly—remember I said I went shopping yesterday? Well, this afforded me the opportunity to experiment a bit for breakfast too—and I enjoyed every bite. My eleven o’clock class continued their presentations, and did a swell job to boot. Of course, attendance today was a bit thin as most students—myself included—surely would rather stay in bed than brave the cold elements and snow on a school day. After my noon class, I had a meeting with my advisor who is helping me out on an independent study which I will research and write through the semester. We chatted for a couple of hours and discussed the topics and then at four o’clock I went to the undergrad student group (PR student) meeting. Those students are particularly motivated and have lots going for them in that respect. It takes me ‘out of my element’ a bit when learning of their particular approaches to communication studies, but it’s rewarding to learn new things from other people who are clearly invested in their own individual paths.

I already have a few things on my ‘to do’ list for tomorrow, but for tonight I believe more reading is in store. Time is something I wish I had more of; 24 hours in a day don’t seem to be enough at all. What’s worked up until now seems to be the method of slowly chipping away at projects until their completion. I guess I’ll just roll with that pattern until it proves ineffective…


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