RealJobs: Brett Wilzbach

Exciting moment of the day today: Vikram Pandit, Citi C.E.O. stopped in the Boston office today to say hello. Since I’ve been in Boston, he has stopped in three times. Every-time, whether it be because I’m at the end of the row, or because he’s running out of hands to shake, he stops and talks to me. He looks at my screens (I have four, I used to have three…..and was thrilled at the 33% increase as the amount of screens is a bit of a status symbol in the Sales & Trading industry), looks at me, and simply says, “What’s going on today?”. Unable to think of anything truly macro and/or epic, I quickly delved straight into Rates Market minutia. “Well Vikram, the market is really responsive to this successful 10yr auction… seems Fed hike expectations were getting a little ahead of themselves and Bernanke continued to be dovish today.” Yep, that’s what I came up with. A guy that runs the credit-card, consumer-lending, commercial-lending, mortgage, and retail operations and I think he’s going to care about my market tick-for-tick. He smiled and went on his way to the next handshake. I hope me repeating my name eight times will help him remember it….

That’s often times what one can struggle with in trading. It may be that huge events to us aren’t really that big in the grand scheme of things. It may be that we watch flashing numbers all day and try to make sense of them. Or, it may be that my Mom will never really know what it is I do and that I was able to pitch an interest rate volatility RV trade. (See?). I’m still 80% confident that when Good Morning America does the stock footage clip of the traders shouting on the NYSE or in the pits in Chicago, my Mom looks for me. I’m fine with that, those dudes wear cool colors and I’m sure have some amazing bar stories…

One of those days that seemed busier that it really was, but I’m pleased because I was able to reach out to several accounts, get their views on the market, and get a good handle about what people are thinking. When you know what accounts are looking at or are on their plate, you know what to help with. Just like any industry, being able to listen, connect the dots, and not being tremendously awkward when you start a phone call will probably get you in good graces. Past hump day…..things are looking up!


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