RealJobs: Will Nunziata

Today I woke up at around 10 AM at the Colony Hotel in West Palm Beach, FL.  The night before my brother and I were taken around the city by the Entertainment Director, Rob Russell, for a bite to eat, as well as help promote the show.  In two of the restaurants that had bands, and thus microphones, Anthony and I did an impromptu a cappella version of “Make Someone Happy.”  Was a great time, and by the time we got back to the hotel, we all had a night cap at the hotel’s beautiful bar by the pool.  After waking up this morning, Anthony & I met to go over our staging for Tuesday night’s Opening Night at the Royal Room (the hotel’s cabaret room).  After we went over staging, we took to the nearby Starbucks to talk business (future gigs, on the phone with our booking agent, updating our website, etc), and then it was time for some “Will” time away from Anthony, so I “took” to the beach.  Too bad I didn’t “take” any sunblock, because after falling asleep in the sun for two hours, I came back to the hotel looking like Sebastian from The Little Mermaid.  My body is now covered in Green Aloe Lotion, I am hoping that by tomorrow’s Opening I won’t be peeling like a banana.

The photo from today is of our poster seen outside of the performance space.  (I’m on the right, Anthony on the left).  I like to call it the “bobble head” shot.


One response to “RealJobs: Will Nunziata

  1. Actually, I am on the left, and Anthony is on the right. Can’t believe I messed that one up!

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