RealJobs: Nancy Gonsalves

A bit of a slow start to the day here; woke up to swirling snow and below zero temperatures.  All the schools were closed so after sorting through some child care issues I made it to work just after our normal 8:00 am start (the fact that my commute from home to work is about a 7 minute drive helps).  Unfortunately, due to the storm, our entire network was down for the first couple of hours which meant no email, no accessing share drive files, no internet or even printing capabilities.  I am pretty sure the Pikes Perk coffee shop on the corner doubled its normal daily take this morning.

Once the network was back up and running, I sifted through emails from the last few days (mostly because I was nearing my mailbox limit!).  I try to stay current via Blackberry, even on the weekends, because so many colleagues are travelling worldwide and may need a quick response.  (Side note:  believe it or not, the “internet” didn’t exist when I was at BC and we didn’t have personal computers or cell phones either.  Being accessible 24/7 is not necessarily a good thing).

My first call of the day was to talk with our U.S. sales partner about the timeline for the London ticket allocation and distribution.  Basically we decided that there were some questions that we needed answered before we could move forward so I can table the project until next week.   So that pile of papers has been neatly stacked and moved to a back corner of my desk .  Since I work on several Games and projects at the same time, I am really diligent about keeping things separated and file documents and emails immediately so I always know where to find it.  I am sure my former BC roommates would have been happier had I acquired that skill when a student.

The January financial statements were posted on Monday so I spent the next  couple of hours printing each business unit and reviewing the expenses.  In order to save the trees, I usually print out one copy, give the first review, make my comments in pencil, and then pass it to the division director to take a look at too.  If there are corrections or questions, I prepare a list and send it to our finance liaison so they can reclassify the next month into the proper “bucket”.    We also have to prepare a monthly management report for the division that is passed up through the ranks to our Executive Team.  It is a relatively short document (2-3 pages) where we list milestones from the past 30 days and then priorities for the next 30 days.  There is a budget piece included that I add.  Since we are just one month into the new year, we are on target so far J

I’m wrapping up at 5:30 today.  I have tickets to a touring production of Spamalot so it will be a late night in the big “city” of Colorado Springs!  By the way, it is still snowing!


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