RealJobs: Dave Levy

I’ve managed to dance around the topic in my first two posts about what I actually do on a daily basis. Tuesday was a much better capsule of how the days around my office go.

I work mainly in the health policy space, an area that has been pretty hot in this part of the country over the last few years. I’m in the midst of helping finalize the content and build of an issue-based website for one of my clients. We tend to call these microsites – they aren’t a full page dedicate to the entire organization, more like a narrowband site with a direct focus on a specific issue.

We know that many legislators (more realistically: their staff members) turn to the Internet when researching potential bills. If we build something online that is compelling to people who rely on healthcare while founded in data, it is a goal to get it to in front of those researching individuals. The better we build something, the more likely it gets links from other sites or even shared on social networks. Those things help us make sure more people – like our policy makers – see it, and if they find it useful, hopefully we are providing the information that will influence their decision making on the Hill.

Sometimes it’s a really narrow focus, like the issue I’m working on with my current client. In other cases, it’s on a massive scale. In between my Tuesday work on the site for my client, I was also having fun with our design team and imagining what an interactive, online application that shows the impact of various health issues around the world could look like. It’s not every day you get to propose a global health app that would fit into the shell of a tablet computer.

It’s the range of things you can do in the online space that is just as interesting as the features. Every day really can be something different.


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