RealJobs: Brian Zager

So I mentioned yesterday that I have two days a week that I work from home. Now, while my exact plans for these ‘work at home’ days change per week, here’s a rough idea of what I might typically do…

I woke up feeling particularly refreshed so I managed to do some early grocery shopping. I enjoy that experience along with actually preparing food (when I have the chance) because it is really relaxing compared to my other obligations. After arriving home around eleven, I immediately responded to a few student emails and began reading for the rest of the week and beyond. It is definitely a smart idea to get as ahead as possible with regards to these classes as the work sneaks up on you should you fall behind. I try to keep some method to my madness however, usually balancing reading for one class with some sort of administrative activity that is a little less pressure on the brain (i.e. paying bills, organizing portfolios, cleaning, etc.). On these days I also try to fit in some sort of exercise routine to try to get my body as active as my mind. Time management is absolutely essential not only to succeed, but to survive this type of experience. Basically all your time is your own and how you choose to use it will determine the end result of your classes, teaching assignments, and other endeavors.

While I spend most of the day trying to get ahead, I most enjoy the evening time. Tuesday and Thursday allow me the opportunity to try out new recipes and partake in a restful and mindful dinner where I can kind of collect my thoughts as the week is going by.

Tomorrow, the students in my 101 class are continuing their presentations.  I am looking forward to this, especially after the variety of topics covered on Monday.  Wednesday, like Monday, proves to be a bit of a long day, but at least I have Thursday to look forward to working at my own pace through the day. Balance in all things.


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