RealJobs: Will Nunziata

Today I woke up at around 7:30 AM because at 8AM was a phone interview with the Palm Beach radio station.  We talked with the hosts about our upcoming show and what audiences could expect.  After the radio interview, I was BACK to BED!  Woke up at 12 noon, lunched it with my brother by the pool and reviewed any notes we had for ourselves about the night-before show.  After some relaxing, a work out, and some dinner, before I knew it, it was on to show #2.  The show was well-attended, and we were happy to see some friends in the house that now live in the Southern Florida area.  After the show, the local PBS station and it’s host, Dick Robinson, did an interview with us.  We talked about where we grew up, went to school, about our new show, and also where we see ourselves in the future.  Was a funtime with Dick, and once I know when/ where the interview will air, I will for sure let the BCers know!


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