RealJobs: Tanesha Barnes

Today has definitely been the most hectic day of the semester/year thus far. I am on two major university wide committees and both lead to major events taking place with dates of each other. I am the marketing person for the NYU MLK Celebration Week, which is taking place this week, and we have over 40 events planned throughout the university. I am proud of the work our committee has done and I look forward to reflecting on the successes and places of improvement for the week so we can begin planning to make next year even better. The other event is the NYU Student Affairs conference on February 14, yes Valentines Day ♥.

All day today I had meeting with only 30 minutes of my day not set for a meeting at the same time I had to assist with event for MLK Week, finalize the edits for the program for the conference and send it to print and since I am also presenting at the conference, I have been putting together the powerpoint for our workshop. Today was hectic and it is 9:30pm and I am still at work. After I leave here I am heading to the printers to approve the design for the conference program and then heading back home to my family in New Jersey. Today consists of more meetings with –ISM students and the final logistics meeting for the conference to review the plan we have in place to handle the extra 100 people we have registered and no space to house them for the keynote luncheon. It was a fun day though hectic because I think well on my toes and I can handle the stress. Tomorrow should hopefully be lighter and I can catch up on email since that is probably on of the most time consuming aspects of my job because I get a large amount per day. But this week hasn’t permitted much email time so I know tomorrow will be a day of sorry for the delayed response but this week has been unexpectedly busy before I even get to the response itself.

I love my job though and I still wake up in the morning happy. I walk through Washington Square Park everyday with my Starbucks coffee, a smile and music playing as I try not to sing out loud. This is my favorite part of the day…the idea that I don’t know what will happen, who I will meet and how many times I will laugh out loud with my colleagues and students.

Photo credit: Boston Globe

The reason today was a big day was I got to take my NASPA mentee to buy his first suit and it was awesome. We went to a few stores but he found the perfect suit in the first one and as I sat outside the dressing room waiting for him to come out and model the next suit all I could think about was BC. I was so proud of him for all he had set out to accomplish and master in his time at NYU. He is currently in the process of applying to graduate programs in higher education and the suit was for an upcoming trip he was planning to take to Ohio to interview for an internship in order to be accepted into their program. While we traveled around Soho we talked about interview tips and even did a little bit of a mock interview with feedback. It was great. We both left with smiles and repeatedly saying this was fun, I had a great time. He is a phenomenal student and I have known and worked with him since his freshman year at NYU. I am so sad to see him go but know that I will see at future conferences and one day we will be colleagues in the field the way Dr. Horton and I now are.

Tanesha and her NASPA mentee


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