RealJobs: Santiago Bunce

It was 75 degrees Monday. It was gorgeous! However, I didn’t get to enjoy it save for walking from one place to another. Yes, it was a day of tests and studying and sadly no sun.

The day started with a midterm at 8am, followed by reading for a paper on Thursday and then a class on Social Justice in Public Policy where we discussed the role and efficiency in welfare programs within democratic countries. After that class, there was a nap, and then three more hours of meetings in the evening. It was a pretty mundane Monday, and though I’ve probably already bored you, it was just a typical work day here in grad school.

When you are as busy and as poor as grad school makes you, you take solace in little victories. For example, for the second day in three days I was able to talk to a friend in Boston and I started a tumblr blog. Who knows when I’ll actually get to add content… But when your time is limited, you really start to focus on what you are interested in. Even then though, those things are luxuries in a week like this with midterms, labs and papers. These is light ahead however, a reward in store at the end of the week…Camping at Anza-Borrego! Check it out in Google Images.


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