RealJobs: J.R. Clark

Monday is typically the day I organize my week and evaluate the status of project priorities.  I spend about 30 minutes to sometimes an hour reviewing things to be done for the week.  I have an overall project plan that I update as new projects come online and as time permits.  Today included the typical planning along with some additional twists.  A client who I represent as their lobbyist wanted to meet and discuss the status of an initiative that has been floated as a possibility by a Councilmember.  My morning was cut short for the things I had planned as I needed to prepare for the early afternoon meeting.  I had a request come in from a potential client that needed a quick response.  I had to carve out some time to assemble some materials and get a response out before the end of the day.  I had to weave the preparing a proposal and getting ready for a policy meeting with a client with my already scheduled time of reviewing and revising an Indenture and Loan Agreement for the financing of a University that I am working on.  Fortunately the changes at this point aren’t too major.  I ended my day by drafting a fairly developed outline of a legislative strategic plan that will be sent out at some point tomorrow.  As I make my way home I will place a call into a Council staffer to get some times to meet regarding some elements of the strategic plan I am drafting.  As it turns out this was a light day…


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