RealJobs: Ari Daniel Shapiro

I teach a broadcast journalism class on Monday and Wednesday mornings at Emerson College.  In yesterday’s class, we talked about the basics of interviewing – how to record good quality sound with a digital audio recorder, and how to get people to say useful and meaningful things on tape.

After class I spoke with someone who works for TalkingScience [], a website created by the Science Friday initiative [] to “demonstrate why science is transformative, necessary, and—above all—cool.”  TalkingScience has agreed to let me post a different story of mine every other week on their website.  I plan on using this platform primarily to disseminate two of the podcasts I work on: Ocean Gazing (a series about ocean science and technology: and One Species at a Time (a series where each episode pays homage to a different species on our planet:

In the afternoon I worked on wrapping up a few projects: finishing the audio mix for an episode of One Species at a Time about Cinchona pubescens – a tree whose bark produces the anti-malarial drug called quinine; and making some small revisions to an audio slideshow about a typographer who’s taken a 16th century Hebrew font and updated it for digital end use in ebooks (this was an especially fun project and I hope to have a link to share with you by the end of the week).

Today (Tuesday) I will be appearing live on New Hampshire Public Radio’s program called Word of Mouth to discuss a couple of science stories that I’ve worked on – one on surf clams, and another on corals.  To do so, I have to be in a studio in Boston that can feed a high quality audio signal in real time to the station in New Hampshire.  I tracked down the right person at WBUR (one of the two NPR stations in Boston) to reserve a half hour of studio time today.  If you want to tune in live, visit Word of Mouth’s website ( at noon (EST), and click the Listen button.


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