RealJobs: Tanesha Barnes

I graduated from Boston College in 2005 and when I left I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was pretty lucky :-).

Serving as a student leader while at BC helped me to realize by my second semester junior year that I love working with my peers/students and I could get paid to do it. Thanks BC Halftime Retreat! I wanted to make a difference and have an impact and I realized that my often difficult experiences in college was a perfect training experience for what the students I would encounter may face.

So in a nutshell that is what I do, I work with students with the goal of impacting their lives for the better. I work at New York University in the Center for Multicultural Education and Programs as the Assistant Director. I have been at NYU since Fall 2006 before which I added Columbia University for my Masters in Higher and Postsecondary Education.

My job at NYU has changed over the years as our office has gone from being a program heavy multicultural affairs office that addressed the needs of students based on their individual racial backgrounds as oppose to what we do now, which is engaging students from varying backgrounds together about issues of diversity and social justice. I still work on programs and I still work students of color but my core focus has shifted. Our office looks to work with all aspects of the university including faculty staff and administrators to create a more inclusive campus for students of color, student from various religious and class backgrounds just to name a few. I still plan events but only a couple major events per month and I manage major programs for the university such as the Undergraduate Cultural Training Program, a diversity leadership program for undergraduate students and the –ISM Project an arts based grant performance program aimed at giving students the opportunity to explore an –ism in society such as racism, classism or other more non-traditional –isms such as Happy Birthday-ism, Hip-Taoism and Oppressive Feminism.

This week is a particularly busy week for me due to my role on the NYU university-wide MLK Week committee. We have on average over 60 events ranging from speakers, performances and community service. I oversee marketing for the week which includes the website (also one of my roles at my job…I am in charge of web design, HTML designs, and graphic design print marketing for my office).


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  1. Really cool Ms. Barnes.

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