Nurse Extern Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

10 Weeks of Experience to Enhance Your Future: May 13  – Aug. 5, 2011

At The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, nurses have a rare opportunity to be instrumental in caring for the entire family in a dynamic and ever-growing setting. That’s what it means when you share our mission to provide expert medical and nursing care to children.

Today, the nation’s first pediatric hospital invites you, the student, to become part of our professional family. If you’d like us to enhance your future through the continuous learning our Hospital fosters, consider enrolling in our exciting 10-week Nurse Extern Program. The 2011 program runs May 31 – Aug. 5, 2011.

As a member of our Nurse Extern Program, you can experience our innovative thinking, practice models, and unique resources firsthand… and establish a foundation for clinical excellence.

Our 10 week program  provides a valuable practical experience which enables you to:

*Refine your nursing skills
*Get acquainted with the clinical setting
*Apply academic knowledge to practice
*Work with a preceptor for 10 weeks
*Participate in weekly seminars on a variety of topics
*Schedule observational experiences in a selected unit

If you are a nursing student who has completed your junior year, are a rising senior in September 2011 and are currently enrolled in an NLM-accredited program, assignments are available in General Med/Surg, Critical Care, Research, Perioperative Complex and Care Network.

The application period begins Wednesday, Dec. 1. Applications are due by Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011; interview days are Friday, March 4 and Friday, March 18.

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