Ask the Expert from John Hancock

Q. Is it ok to apply for multiple jobs at the same company?
Recruiters understand how challenging the job market is these days, especially for entry-level candidates. While you may have a wide range of interests and knowledge, or you just really want to work for a specific organization and will take on any role to work there, you may want to resist the urge to cast a wide net when applying for multiple jobs at one organization.

By targeting a specific functional area, such as marketing or finance, or a particular business line, a candidate indirectly tells the recruiter that they are focused, know what they want and have put some thought into their job search. It is also helpful to have appropriate expectations when looking at the job qualifications. If a position states that it requires 1-3 years of related or direct experience, then a few good internships may fulfill that requirement. However, if the position says 5 or more years are needed, then it may not be the best fit if you are looking for that first job.

Understanding where your job interests lie is important, but this needs to be combined with an understanding of your skills, knowledge and abilities so your job search is focused and realistic. It is great to have a goal to be a head of a department or business, but you need to consider what positions are appropriate for you now and can help you work up to that long-term goal.



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