World Briefing: Telling the Malaria Story

Learn and Write about Malaria in Africa, from Africa with the 2010 Global Student Reporter Contest

Tanzanian GirlThis spring, Malaria No More and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, invite graduate students in select countries* to enter the “World Briefing: Telling the Malaria Story” contest. Malaria is a highly preventable and treatable disease and we have the tools to fight it—yet nearly one million people die from malaria each year, mostly children. With your words, you can help raise awareness about the prevention and treatment of malaria, and build the coalition to ease the global malaria burden. Together we can stop this killer.  To learn more about this opportunity and to apply, check out the World Briefing: Telling the Malaria Story website.

*The contest is open to graduate students currently enrolled at an accredited university in the United States, Ecuador, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Philippines and Venezuela.

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