“Careers for the Common Good” Workshop Tips

“Careers for the Common Good” Workshop

On Wednesday, February 10th BC alumna ‘08, Presceia Cooper, Recruitment Manager at Commongood Careers discussed career opportunities in the non-for-profit industry and tips as how students can take advantage of the available resources online, at our Career Center, and through networking to find jobs.   The non-profit organization that Presceia works for, Commongood Careers, is based out of Boston and helps other non-profit organizations find employees through their website, http://www.cgcareers.org.  The following is an overview of the workshop and tips Presceia recommended to help student find the appropriate job for them.

  1. I. Tips
    1. Find your inspiration- what moves you and inspires you will make you stand out
      1. i.      Identify organizations that stand out to you and think about what you can bring to those organizations- why would they want you and what can you offer them?
      2. ii.      Reach out and ask them to set up informational interviews with you
    2. Find a mentor! (Professors who may be on non-profit boards; someone who has a position that you want one day. Ask them questions about how they got there)
      1. i.      Young Non-Profit Professionals Network- listserv that sends out job opportunities and resources, also has informational sessions (also a link on the BC Career Center page)
    3. Networking in the non-profit sector is HUGE– they don’t have the resources to advertise and come to you, so you need to figure out how to get to them through networking
  1. II. Getting a job
    1. Start looking NOW!
    2. Be willing to go above and beyond- at least make yourself available because positions probably need to be filled immediately- Don’t be afraid to apply before graduation
    3. Call an organization or company to see if they have an internship or job opening even if it’s not posted on their website
      1. i.      If not, then sell yourself! Tell them your experience, and be persistent, show them what you can bring and offer.
  1. III. Where to find jobs

These links can be found at http://www.bc.edu/offices/careers/careers/careerfields/nonprofits.html

  1. Bridgestar.org
  2. Idealist.org
  3. Craigslist
  4. Philanthropy News Digest– development and fundraising jobs mostly but still good to look
  5. Change.org
  6. Guidestar– no jobs posted but good place to begin search because it shows companies, salaries, bigger or smaller non-profits, general characteristics of non-profits
  7. International Rescue Committee– good for finding immigration related jobs
  8. Many of these have newsletters that would be beneficial to sign up for because they may have opportunities for jobs or internships.
  9. Check websites of colleges and universities in the areas that your looking for because they will have more opportunities in those areas

Submitted by Andrea Bonauito


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