Fab Five Tips from A&S Career Conversations

Fab Five Tips from A&S Career Conversations

Did you miss the conversation with Arts Fundraiser and Actor Jere Shea? No worries! We have your top five tips from his presentation right here!

Jere graduated from BC in 1987 and is Senior Development Officer for Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and has extensive experience in both stage and on-screen acting. Jere admits that he’s always looking for new experiences, and that he still doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up! But he did have some great advice for students, and here are the best tips:

1.    Explore! You don’t have to stick with one thing for the rest of your life. While your young is the best opportunity to try out several options and find out what you really love.

2.    The connections you make at BC will last forever. Jere mentioned how surprised he is when he meets BC alums in such an array of fields, and believe him, it happens all the time! BC is a tight knit community that he feels lucky to be a part of; you should too! Use those connections to find opportunities.

3.    Do what drives you. So many people get stuck in something that makes them money, but is ultimately unfulfilling. If you make your passion your goal, the rest will work itself out, and your life will be that much richer.

4.    Never work for a company you don’t admire. In Jere’s job, he has to sell a company and a mission to people, and even with his acting cred, he couldn’t do it unless he believed in them too!

5.    Fundraising is about connecting people to a cause, it’s not about asking for money. Human connections in almost any communications field is going to be the most important and lasting aspect of your job. People and social skills are something that everyone can develop, regardless of major. If you think you might be interested, just say yes!

Remember that it’s never too early to start networking and searching for that perfect opportunity! Arts Fundraising maybe not your thing? There will be weekly Career Conversations in the Spring…check them out and find your passion!


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