RealJobs: Ashley Naranjo

Ashley Naranjo’s work day on Thursday, February 11, 2010.

I have created a new desk on my living room coffee table. After going out and cleaning my car off from the snow for the second time this week, an all too familiar feeling, I came back in and began to work on some special projects. I have been working with some contacts from Habitat for Humanity and other service organizations to see if I can set up a Staff Service Project in the time between when school starts and when they need to report for our staff orientation. I am hoping that this will come to fruition over the next few months because I would love for the staff to get a chance to work together and get to know each other and do something positive all the while.

After checking through email again and responding to a few parent inquiries and a job recommendation request from a former staff member, I have moved on to a second project of racking my brain for creative new items for our 2010 online store. The possibilities are endless. After receiving the proofs from our new satellite site brochure, I spread all of my notes onto the coffee table and caught a few design errors and changed some of the photos.

Finally, today ended with looking over a longer-term vision of what we can do to add to our current programs—whether it be more long distance trips for campers or an overnight program at another site. This is now the one week mark since we’ve been out of school and the school just closed again on Friday. While the main roads are cleared out and the Metro is running all underground stations, there are still a number of conditions that are making it unsafe for the children (and staff, for that matter) to get to school. It has definitely been a more eventful week than I could’ve imagined.


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