RealJobs: Alex Bradshaw

Alex Bradshaw’s work day on Tuesday, February 9, 2010.

Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my blog entries. I’ll use this post to explain exactly what I do. MTV Strategic Partnerships and Public Affairs is charged with “using MTV’s superpowers for good.” So we work with non-profits, foundations, and the government to create “pro-social campaigns,” which are network initiatives focused on social issues. Our pro-social campaigns aim to educate and activate – meaning we want to not only spread awareness of and information on the issue, but we also want to guide our audience in taking pro-active steps towards addressing the issue.

A few MTV pro-social campaigns you may have heard of are “Choose Or Lose,” our youth voter mobilization effort, “It’s Your (Sex) Life,” our sexual health campaign, “Fight For Your Rights,” our anti-discrimination initiative, and “Break The Addiction,” our go-green campaign. You can check out all of our initiatives on

My specific role as coordinator of MTV Public Affairs is to support my department VP, Director and Manager on the development and maintenance of our pro-social campaigns. My role also entails managing all of our campaigns’ social networking and online editorial presence. So I create, update and maintain the Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter accounts for MTV pro-social initiatives, as well as blog and write stories for MTV News on campaign developments and other relevant news.

MTV Public Affairs’ main focus this year is on three issues: our Get Schooled campaign (education), It’s Your (Sex) Life (sexual health campaign), and A Thin Line (digital abuse campaign). Check out my blog posts later in the week for more info on these initiatives.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for reading!


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