RealJobs: Janelle Nanos

Janelle Nanos’ work day on Tuesday, February 9, 2010.

Hi BC Students.

The entire city of Washington has been closed all week, and my office followed the federal government’s lead and was closed as well. But me and about a dozen co-workers made our way into the office anyway on Tuesday in an effort to try “close” our magazine for publication. The close is always a crazed time for any magazine, as every word on every page must be read and re-read to ensure that everything is spelled correctly and is factually sound. Complicating matters is the fact that right now are also in the midst of a redesign of the magazine, which means that every page in the issue has changed. It’s essentially like you’re renovating your kitchen: The refrigerator is across the room, the stove is down the hall, and the sink is in the attic somewhere, and everything needs to be put back in place. The new design looks fantastic, but it’s been months and months in the making, and our deadline is fast approaching.

So I spent most of Tuesday sitting in my office–without heat–making sure that my pages had been laid out, fact-checked, copyedited, and vetted by my Editor in Chief. I was also monitoring the movement of our writer who was about to cross the Straight of Magellan on a bus that evening. And I had to plan my own escape, as I’m heading up to Ottawa this week to report a story for the magazine, and needed to get out of town before the blizzard hit the city. So it was a hectic few hours in the office, then thankfully, we all got out just as the snow started, and I hit the road heading for Ottawa that evening, trying to outrun the snow.


One response to “RealJobs: Janelle Nanos

  1. Hi Janelle!

    I was so excited to have stumbled across your blog on the BC Career Services’ website. I am currently a second semester senior at BC, majoring in International Studies (concentration in global social justice institutions and movements) and French, but since I was about ten years old, have considered myself a ‘quasi-fanatic’ follower of National Geographic Magazine. I would love to learn more about how you ended up with National Geographic and your own experiences with the company– would there be an opportunity for me to ask you a few questions?

    Hope you had a great trip to Ottawa and looking forward to your next blog!


    Kelly Gerson

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