RealJobs: Deborah Federico

Deborah Federico’s work day on Wednesday, February 10, 2010.

The first thing I did when I woke up today was call BU’s emergency hotline number to see if school had been canceled.  As much as I love my job, I would have welcomed a snow day!   It turns out that they closed the school at 2:00, but I stayed later because I am switching offices and this is the only time I would be able to move my things since my days are usually booked solid.

My day began as usual, answering emails from students with questions about cover letters, resumes, what to do on interviews and how to apply for positions on our internal job and internship database.  I was able to make a dent in my email backlog and was happy about that!  I’ve often remarked to people that being in this position has forced me to think quickly and make the most of every minute I have.  (It’s amazing just what you can accomplish in the three minutes between student appointments!)

I had two student appointments in the AM and then two mock interviews.  My first appointment was with a student who was looking for an internship in Stamford, CT where he is from.  I showed him how to use SimplyHired to find internships in finance in and around Stamford.  I also recommended he try Craig’s List and Indeed.   My second appointment was with a student who was concentrating in International Management and minoring in Japanese who ultimately wanted to find a permanent position in Japan.  I told her about the Boston Career Forum which holds an annual event where students can network and interview with Japanese companies.  From there I moved onto my mock interviews with two students for whom I gave constructive feedback, even though they did an excellent job overall.
Half of my lunch hour was spent in my weekly meeting with my Career Peer.  We have six student Career Peers who assist us in the classroom and have weekly office hours where they meet with students to review resumes and cover letters and to answer career-related questions.  I love having them since they lighten the workload of the Career Counselors and I think students like being able to talk to peers.

Now I’m off to finish moving my stuff and try to get home before the snow is in full force!


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