RealJobs: Ashley Naranjo

Ashley Naranjo’s work day on Wednesday, February 10, 2010.

I received a call yesterday afternoon from the school that we would be closed again on Wednesday. Before mass-calling technology, as a kid, I can remember anxiously watching the local news waiting for the verdict as the closings scrolled along the screen. This call came as a surprise since it had just started to lightly snow, but the forecasts called for blizzard-like conditions, with heavy winds. This morning, I woke up and was amazed to see close to a complete white-out and the car (the same one that I shoveled out the day before) now covered once again. It was clear that today would be another day where no one was going anywhere.

There are some thousands of people in the area that are currently without power; so, the fact that I have the ability to still work from home by computer is lucky. While there are some things that I am unable to work on away from the office, my boss has recommended keeping up with emails from parents with registration questions, tour requests of our 40 acre campus and vendor correspondence.

Today, I finished up proofreading all of our new publications and added photos to our email newsletter.  Finally, I wrote a few emails to some of our former counselors that we would like to have return for another summer, checking in and seeing if they had made any decisions about how they would be spending their summers. It is always exciting to catch up with past staff members and see what their plans are. While my first choice for most of them is to have them return and join us for another summer, I understand that most of the college seniors have other career choices to make. The one thing that most say is that they never realized how much responsibility and leadership they would gain from working at a camp (all while having fun!) and I am always happy to write them recommendations to future employers chronicling their hard work.

I am currently starting to feel a bit of cabin fever after these major storms and hoping that at least once this week, I can get in to the office.  School is closed for Thursday already…just hoping for Friday now, but we’ll see how the snow plows do.


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