RealJobs: Juan Concepcion, Associate Attorney

Juan Concepcion’s work day on Monday, February 8, 2010.

9:23 AM: Just got off the phone with the “other side” … Seems like just another day when everyone has more questions than answers … I swear sometimes it seems all folks want to do is complicate things more than they already are … Better call the client back to see which of the options works best given the company’s time frame here … Oh wait, that’s another client on the other line. “Hey – yeah I know right. Go Saints! Yep – Who Dat. It’s good for them, especially after Katrina.
Yeah; I sent you the documents on Friday. They should be there today or tomorrow. Ok; no problem. I’ll take a look at these new ones. I should have a response for you by close of business tomorrow. With these guys you never know though. We can hope for the best. See ya.” What was I about to do before the phone rang? Oh yeah; call the client back regarding the options. Oh wait – it’s another e-mail flurry. Better answer those and make the call in 30 (minutes) instead … E-mails …
questions, questions … more e-mail … more questions … Back to those options … “Hi, good morning. I spoke with the other side about their timing … I would recommend  …”

12:21 PM: Rush, rush … need to make it to the 12:30 fitness class …
“Good sweat today … one of my favorite classes!” Need to grab lunch fast and go back to my desk before my next call. Rush, rush. always a rush! Lucky though: I love the flexibility of my job. Being able to work out during lunch time is a huge plus in my work day. If I miss the lunchtime window, I never go after work. I always flake out. Just can’t get myself to go after 7 PM and besides I love the classes and the noon time crowd.

1:42 PM: On call with clients … we will do our best to minimize interruptions on your day. I wouldn’t worry too much about that but we should make sure that we comply fully with the document requests …
I’ll take a look at them.”

2:33 PM: “Need to get those invoices out to clients today … ”

3:36 PM: “Hey there buddy. How was school today? Glad the school is fine. How about you? Are you doing well in school? Ok; make sure you get all your work done after you fix yourself a snack. Don’t watch TV unless everything is done. Any tests coming up? Good. Talk to you soon. Ok, Bye.”

5:21 PM: “Well, thanks for your time today. I’ll let you know if we will need to physically go in to court. Highly unlikely though. Ok, see you.”
Is it 7 PM yet?


One response to “RealJobs: Juan Concepcion, Associate Attorney

  1. Hello Mr. Concepcion,

    I am a sophomore at Boston College and it would be an honor to speak to you about your career because I have some questions I would like answered since I am considering working in the Law as well as in healthcare representation. If you could please yield 10-15 minutes of your time so that I may ask you some questions that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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