RealJobs: Chris Nunez, Territory Sales Trainer

Chris Nunez’s work day on Monday, February 8, 2010.

This work week has started off unlike any other.  Washington, DC has never seen snow in such quantity and it has left the city unfortunately crippled.  This past weekend saw accumulations ranging anywhere from 26-37 inches across the DC-Baltimore area and more is said to be on the way which should make this week a nightmare for anyone who has to travel for their job .

Four months ago I landed a job working for Tempur-Pedic as a Territory Sales Trainer and it has quickly become the job of my dreams.  Tempur-Pedic is known as one of the most high quality manufacturers of specialty mattresses that ultimately help in living a healthier lifestyle.  We sell everything from mattresses and pillows, to sheets and travel accessories.  I am personally responsible for 80 stores where I travel to each day to train the sales people on the showroom floors about our products and essentially help teach them the best way in which to tell customers about our products.  Increasing their product knowledge is key to making sure we equip all sales people with the tools they need to talk intelligently and accurately about our Tempur material.  My stores are located all throughout Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania which translates into over 800 miles a week sitting behind the wheel of my fuel-efficient Toyota Corolla.  Because stores are on retail hours, I am not on the road until around 9:30 AM as I thankfully miss most of the standstill traffic associated with the DC roadways.  I can usually expect to hit about six to eight stores a day spending anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours at any given location, creating relationships & covering anything from the new products we have coming out to talking about all the differences in our products.  My commute home does not start until about six or seven at night but being able to wake up at 8:30 in the morning gives me the much needed rest to stay out later than most 9-5 folks.

Today has been an unusual day as I have had to work from home since the South is not the best at figuring out how to deal with mass amounts of snow and getting it off the roads.  However I have spent my time wisely filling out reports that need to be completed and making sure we are on top of the product we have on the showroom floors.  And as I am a representative of the company to my sales people on the floors selling our mattresses, I take phone calls when they need to reach me if they have questions or need help with our product.  I can expect to get anywhere from three to seven calls a day (of course most of them coming when I am sitting down for dinner) but it is exciting to be a point of reference for over 150 sales people when they need any help.

With 10 – 20 more inches of snow said to be on the ground before Wednesday night you could see me off the road for another day or two this week. But when you travel everyday for work, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate and it should be interesting to see what the rest of the week brings.


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