Careers in Science Panel Tips

Did you miss this month’s Careers in Science Panel?  Don’t miss what they had to say!

On your Thanksgiving break, or after your finals, take some time to read their advice below, for what you can do NOW to advance your future career in science. They gave LOTS of great tips, and their advice is followed by ways the Career Center can help!

Advice from the Experts:

-A summer internship can give you invaluable experience, and is something employers will look for on your resume. One presenter who graduated in 1987 is STILL at the company he interned with while at BC!
-Find work in a lab, whether paid or not, in the summer or during the school year. Every presenter stressed the importance of basic lab skills in their jobs.

How the Career Center can help: Come to drop-in hours in the internship office (M-F 1-4pm, T & W 5-7pm)! Use the databases on to find internship postings. Meet with Jenna, the science outreach graduate assistant (T 4-6pm in Higgins).

-Do what you enjoy! One presenter spoke about how beneficial her photography class was to using a microscope.
-Put lots of experience on your resume. You never know what will be a conversation piece in an interview. And for any resume experience, you can show what skills you learned. One presenter s psychology minor helped her with the patient interaction portion of her job as a research genetic counselor.

How the Career Center can help: Make an appointment or come to drop-ins to talk about choosing a major, revising your resume, and practicing interview strategies.

-Be active in looking for internship and job opportunities be creative!
-Don t forget that there are jobs within science companies that are not science based. And there are jobs in non-science companies that are science based! One presenter started out as a biotechnical expert but now works as a manager for a science company.

How the Career Center can help: Use the Career Center databases to search for interesting internships. Talk with a career counselor for help in what kinds of things to look for.


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