Business Today International Conference

Apply to attend the Business Today International Conference, one of the premier business conferences in the world.

This is an all-expenses-paid experience for college students, taking place from November 22nd to the 24th at the Grand Hyatt in New York City.  Over 70 leading executives from across the country and some of the finest students from around the world attend this conference every year.  Recent attendees include the CEO of UPS, founder of Blackstone, CEO of Blackrock, founder of Def Jam Records, CEO of Bloomberg, CEO of Universal Studios, Steve Forbes, Richard Branson, and many more.  This year we have confirmed Dr. Paul Krugman and Bill Ford Jr. as two of our many speakers.

This is an unparalleled opportunity for students to interact with our nation’s top CEOs, get to know their brightest peers from around the world, and become a part of the Business Today network.   Students can apply online through our website,  Applications are due August 1.



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