Back-up Plans for Seniors

Seniors, what if your dream job hasn’t worked out yet?

Job searching in a tight economy is not easy but there are jobs out there and people are getting hired.  If your first choice career plan hasn’t come through yet, consider back-up alternatives to get you through this economic storm. Some of these options pay and some don’t, but doing something is much better than doing nothing.  When the job market opens up, you’ll need to be able to let employers know what you’ve been doing since graduation.  And remember, the economy will get better.  It always does.

Have you given your first choice a real chance?
•    Check out our job search strategies for more job search options.
•    How’s your resume?  Check out some sample resumes or come in and talk with an advisor to have it reviewed.
•    Come to one of our many Resume and Interview workshops.

Expand your options
•    What other career fields might work for you? What other locations might work for you?
•    Need ideas?

•    Face to Face Networking:  Use the Career Network for access to over 9,000 BC alumni willing to talk to you about their careers.
•    Electronic Networking:  Make connections via social media tools such as Linkedin,  Facebook, Twitter…
•    Electronic networking is great but go for face-to-face networking whenever you can.

Professional Work Fellowships
•    Too late for some positions but some opportunities still exist.

Freelance/Create a side business
•    What expertise do you have to offer?  Writing, computer skills, tutoring, etc.
•    Related to a field you would like to enter or a chance to try something different.

•    Only if you can write and have something to say
•    Use a blog to help build your personal brand online
•    A blog can help a potential employer to realize your knowledge or expertise in a particular area

•    It’s not too late.  Check the listings.
•    Consider an internship abroad.
• is a great resource – you have to pay, but that’s usually how you get an internship abroad.

•    Build up skills and meet people while doing something worthwhile.  Options include full or part-time volunteering.
•    Check the listings.

Grad School
•    Can be a good option but if you don’t yet know what you want out of graduate school, wait a year or two.
•    See our resources to law, medical, and graduate school; choosing, getting in, and making the most of it.

Take a class
•    Great way to keep your skills current or build new skills.
•    Check out local colleges, community or adult ed classes.

Consider a “gap year”
•    Visit the Career Library for the Gap Year book, The Back Door Guide to Short-Term Job Adventures: Internships, Extraordinary Experiences, Seasonal Jobs, Volunteering, Work Abroad.
•    Also look at Alternatives to 9-to-5.


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