It’s Not Too Late to Find a Summer Internship

If you have been swamped by the semester, and are just now realizing you don’t have summer plans, don’t despair!  It’s not too late to find a summer internship.

Every day, there are new internships being posted on our two internship databases, EagleLink and UCAN .

Another strategy is to find employers that interest you and contact them about internships with their organization.  This type of list can be created from the “employer” link on EagleLink and UCAN.  In addition, you can find this type of information through the CareerSearch database as well as on our “A-Z index” on the bottom of the Internship Listings &  Resources page.

Always remember to use the connections you have through family and friends.  To connect with alumni, use the Alumni Career Network database to find alumni who have similar career interests.

Don’t hesitate to visit our office if you need additional assistance! 

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