BC Success: Krystle Da Silva ’09

As a junior, I knew that I wanted to get an internship with one of the Big Four accounting firms. That fall, I attended the Career Fair and started to make contacts at each of the firms. Through various events that occurred on campus with the Big Four, I was able to learn about what made each firm unique. I knew that regardless of where I ended up working that I would be getting technical experience, but I wanted to be at a firm that truly fit me. When the internship process began and I met associates, managers, and partners from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) at the Pre-Interview Night Dinner and in the waiting room of my interview, I immediately was able to make a connection. While talking with individuals from all levels of the firm, I honestly felt as though they were genuinely interested in me as a person and this allowed me to become comfortable around them. The second round of interviews that involved an office visit and a networking cocktail event at the end, reiterated the personality of PwC’s people and the atmosphere of the firm for me. When I received an offer for a summer internship with PwC, I knew that it was the place that I was supposed to be at.

Through my experiences as a PwC intern, I was able to learn valuable business lessons. My ability to interact with individuals at any level of the firm was reinforced through not only my client work but through opportunities outside of the office. I was selected as 1 of 100 interns from around the country to spend a week in Belize City, Belize, on a service trip with PwC. I will never forget the affirmation of my decision to choose spending my summer as a PwC intern as I worked alongside the National Director of Recruiting, Bob Daugherty, as we varnished wooden boards that were being used in the construction of a library that we were renovating for one of the four schools that we were running a summer camp at. Through my conversations with him, I really felt like I was an equal and part of the team. Regardless of what position each of us held, we were all doing the same job and working towards one goal. Not only was I able to connect with people who were well-established in their careers at the firm, but I was also able to meet and develop friendships with fellow interns from around the country.

After continuing to meet more PwC professionals and interns from not only Boston but around the country through the Internship Development Program in Disney World, I knew that PwC was the firm that I wanted to start my career at. Even as a future full-time associate, I am still given the opportunities to interact with other PwC people. Most recently, I was invited to attend a meeting with Greg Garrison, the Vice Chairman of PwC, and some CSOM academy officers. Greg not only provided us with words of wisdom in regards to the job search during such a difficult economic time but also wanted to hear what was concerning us as student leaders at BC.

I have always placed great value on the relationships in my life. PwC’s emphasis on building relationships has allowed me to grow professionally through networking but also personally through the friendships and mentor relationships that I have developed. I can honestly say that I am proud to be part of such a great firm.

Krystle Da Silva ’09


Krystle on her service trip with PwC in Belize


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