Resource Highlight: Online Resume Books

Check out a new resource provided by the Recruiting Program!  Students now have the option of submitting their resumes into Online Resume Books in EagleLink.

In order to connect employers with graduating students, we give them access to the Online Resume Books throughout the summer months.  If there is a match, then the employer schedules interviews directly with candidates at their office.  So, if you are still seeking employment, we invite you to submit your resume into one or more of the Online Resume Books available in EagleLink.  See the attached instruction sheet to get started.

The deadline to submit resumes for the Online Resume Books is April 3, 2009.  However, you will still have the option to submit your resume after that date.  FYI – employers will have access to the Online Resume Books beginning April 6, 2009.


Increase your chances of having your resume reviewed!  Have your resume critiqued by one of the career advisors in the Career Center?  Let us help you create a resume that is rich with keywords that will accurately describe your skills and experiences.   Or for more resources, visit our Resume Writing website.


One response to “Resource Highlight: Online Resume Books

  1. Joanne LaRosee

    The top five industry books that contain the most resumes as of 3/26/09 are:

    Consulting — 45
    Marketing — 41
    Management — 37
    Financial Services — 36
    Communications & Government — 32 each

    If you haven’t submitted your resume yet, dont’ miss out getting your resume reviewed by employers beginning April 6th.

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