Top 10 Hidden Resources

TOP TEN Most Hidden, Least Utilized Career Center Resources

10. The Career Resource Library – Free advice (and worth every penny), books and computer access.

9. CareerSearch – Millions of employers, and their websites. You think these guys are all listing their jobs on Monster!?  (No. The correct response is: no.)

8. Vault and WetFeet Guides to Career Fields and Companies

  • Downloadable, excellent – and FREE to BC students.
  • Hey, the Career Center pays for this stuff, you might as well look at it, right?
  • Lengthy career guides to Media & Entertainment, I-Banking, Advertising & Public Relations, the Fashion Industry, TV News, Capitol Hill Careers, and more.

7. Internship Review – BC students rate their internships…. Hmm, what could be more fun?

6. Career Advisors – Speak with an advisor about jobs, internships, resumes, majors, your parents – anything career-related.

5. Career Assessment Software –  Know thyself, and save thyself from inappropriate and evil jobs and internships.

4. “Resources For” pages – Hey, everyone has their own page – AHANA, LGBTQ, Nursing, Social Work, Seniors, Freshmen / Sophomores / Juniors, Teachers. Even your Parents. (Parents seem to be taking it on the nose here….)

3. Job Search Strategies The Wall Street Journal says, “Job hunts conducted solely online rarely produce jobs.

2. Research Before Your Interview – Lack thereof is the biggest reason for not getting the job or internship.

And the number 1 Most Hidden, Least Utilized Resource of the Career Center is…

1. Networking with Alumni

  • Students fear it irrationally. Many alumni understand the absolute necessity.
  • Want to learn about a possible career field? Learn to network!
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking, and the best way to succeed during the current economy is… networking!

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